Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day of Rest

We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Cairns. Up to this point our trip had been very action packed so we decided to take a day and enjoy our rain forest surroundings.

This kookaburra was waiting on the deck when we came up for breakfast. Our hosts feed him bits of liver when he comes to visit.

Reading on the deck.

Watching hockey may not seem like a vacation activity, however I have missed the enitre season. Our host had satelite and invited me to watch the hockey Bruins/Capitals game that was on that day. It was great.

Tara and I went for a walk in the afternoon. We were trying to get up the rock that Tara is sitting on. The green stuff on the rock was pretty slippery and Tara slid down the rock rather quickly. This is where she landed.

All in all a very relaxing day.

The Great Barrier Reef

From Sydney we were off to Cairns. On our first full day there we booked a trip to snorkel and scuba dive at The Great Barrier Reef. We got an early start to allow for a full day of exploring.

The trip out was about an hour long. Nancy and Barry decided to scuba at the first stop and Tara and I snorkled.

We spent 2 hours at our first stop. While we ate lunch we moved to another area reef for our afternoon stop.
Tara and I getting instructions on our dive.

Practising breathing through the mouth pieces on the back of the boat.

Going through all of the pre-dive tests with our guide.

This was the '80s fish because of all the neon colours on it.

We could see little nemo fish in lots of the coral like this.

Check out those suits.

More snorkeling after our scuba adventure.

If you ever get a chance to go to the reef do it, it was absolutely amazing.

Manly Beach

On the Sunday of our Sydney stop it was time to head to the beach. We took the fairy across Sydney Harbour to Manly beach.

This was my very first time ever in the ocean. It was way saltier than I expected.

We had dinner at a place just back from the beach.

We had a beautiful view of the Opera House on the ride back to Circular Quay.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Hats

With our adventure in the outback drawing closer we were on the look out for good Aussie hats to protect us from the sun. We found what we were looking for on the front steps of the Sydney Opera House. We all realized we could not look more like tourists at the moment of this picture. Nano and Bazza (I will explain later) in front of the Harbour Bridge. Both of their hats are made out of Kangaroo hide.

Tara and I same spot.

Blue Mountains Eco Tour

We were lucky to have a private tour for all of these great sights. We called up the company the night before and were told they had decided not to run the tour bus for the next day. However, because there were 4 of us the guide would come and pick us up in his land rover and give us a private tour.

First stop was Grose Valley.

The tour involved a three hour hike into the Grand Canyon. Which had some really awesome rock cliffs, and overhangs.

The drought is still on in Australia so not much water flowing down the waterfalls.

Nancy's butt after stepping on a particulary slipperly spot.

Tara is standing on the end of a launch rap for para-gliders at Jameson Valley.

The Three Sisters rock formation is part of aboriginal teachings.

At the end of the day we were all exhausted and covered in red dust and sand but it was well worth it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gondola and Luge

We took a ride on the Gondola one morning to reach the luge track that was at the top. The view on the ride up was pretty impressive.

There are two luge tracks at the top. The scienic track and the FAST track.

Barry and Nancy on their way up to luge on day 1. Yes, luging was so fun we did it twice. The second time was on the day we were departing. It was a bit of a rush to fit it in but we were on time to meet our shuttle to the airport with 2 minutes to spare.

Day 1 was racing. No matter what Nancy says I won. Since there are no photos of it you are just going to have to believe me. Day 2 was picture day.


Canyoning Vids Contd

Now for the jumps. These were so fun and a little nerve racking. Tara is up first in both videos.

6 meters

8 meters